Canadian Writers’ Summit

June 15-19, 2016. Toronto, ON.

The 2016 CCWWP conference will look a little different from the way we’ve done things in the past. We’re joining up with other Canadian writer organizations to bring you even more varied, diverse, exciting and collaborative programming.

For the past year, CCWWP has been engaged in discussion with many of our writing-sector partner organizations around jointly hosting a super-conference of Canadian writer organizations. This idea sprang from the fertile ground of a much smaller “summit” meeting in Banff in early 2014, hosted by our wonderful colleagues at The Writers’ Trust of Canada.

The Canadian Writers’ Summit will be a four-day extravaganza of professional development sessions, keynote talks, pedagogy and policy discussions, scholarly presentations, public lectures, networking opportunities and social gatherings. #CWS2016 will also include a day of fascinating programming from the annual Book Summit, which focuses on the publishing side of our sector.

#CWS2016 will take place at Harbourfront Centre, right on Toronto’s beautiful waterfront, and will include readings and bookselling opportunities. It will also include plenary and annual general meetings for those participating organizations needing them.

To date, the Canadian Writers’ Summit’s programming partners include:

… with promotional and moral support from all of our provincial writer organization partners, and a growing list of others showing interest.

See you next year for the Canadian Writers’ Summit in Toronto! Watch for more #CWS2016 announcements and details in coming months, including the CCWWP Call for Proposals.